Encke Technologies is excited to announce the launch of our online art collective, established to support creative communities around the world, by providing passive income streams through cryptocurrencies and increasing the global reach of their artwork. This project has come about due to the collaboration between us and the passionate and dedicated Juma Mkwela. Juma is a resident of Cape Town and is heavily involved with the local street art scene. Cape Town is a bustling location for artists, and Juma is a well respected and connected member of the community.

Juma Mkwela — born in Malawi and raised in Zimbabwe — is an artist with a big heart, bright smile, and passion for his various communities. Fleeing political, social and economic turmoil, Juma moved to South Africa in hopes of a better future. While in South Africa, Juma became a victim of the xenophobic attacks that swept through the townships across the country. When reflecting on his experience, Juma recognized xenophobia and intolerance stems from a lack of education and understanding of other cultures.

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Juma Mkwela

Combining his love for art and craft, along with his new desire to educate, Juma set out to share his interests by teaching the
community through art leadership and development programs. In 2009, Juma met the famous South African street artist, Freddy Sam, who exposed him to the beautiful and powerful impact of
murals. The inspiration that stemmed from meeting Freddy, as well as the growth in the public interest for street art, prompted the birth of Juma Art Tours. These tours offer people an insight into the wealth of street art around the community and raise vital funds for local grass-roots projects, which include community gardening for food security.

Juma believes in the incredible impact that street art can have in local communities, including his own home in Khayelitsha. Street art allows artists to tell their stories to a larger audience in a more permanent space. Also, street art creates stunning public spaces within communities, offering beautiful spaces for people to connect.

How The Divi Collaborative will work:

We envisage the collaborative will offer sustainable support through running Divi Masternodes. This will allow the collective to remain a sustainable resource point for local artists, beginning in Cape Town, to include many communities around the world. The Divi Collaborative will sell artists’ work and promote their stories and methods. As an organization, we aim to offer paid residencies, support for artistic supplies, and education. By highlighting this amazing work, we hope to create tangible opportunities for artists. As we grow, we will be able to onboard more artists, from different areas around the world, and create a truly global, sustainable, collective.

Sustainable financial support for artists.

A key objective of the collective is to leverage the income generated from cryptocurrency, specifically Divi masternodes, to offer sustainable financial support. We will collect donations, and reinvest sales profits, all to secure enough capital to ensure that The Collaborative is truly self-sustaining. Our current goal is to start with a Copper Masternode, which should provide enough to purchase art supplies for several artists throughout the year. As art sales increase, and we can reinvest that capital, we will expand both the services offered and the number of artists supported.

Access to the global market

Artists will not only gain financial support, but they will also benefit from being aggregated, and exposed to a global financial market. Being able to sell their artwork in places beyond their community means artists will be accessing external capital that can be used to fund projects locally. This injection of external funds helps develop thriving local economies.

Using our Divi WordPress Plugin

We are also using this as an opportunity to trial our recently developed Divi WordPress Plugin allowing seamless integration with Woocommerce, one of the world’s leading e-commerce WordPress integrations. Businesses will be able to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, into non-custodial wallets. Divi Payments WordPress Plugin will represent the most cost-effective way for online merchants to accept DIVI for their goods and services. The WordPress Plugin is in the early stages of development, and we have plenty of ideas to expand. We’re excited to see where it goes.

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